Keynote Speech at the Mobile Money Executive Seminar in Kabul, Afghanistan – Part I

Nice three part blog series by Carol Realini with advice to mobile money operators, government officials, and businesses about the value proposition of mobile money in a country such as Afghanistan.

Carol L. Realini

Mobile Money and Government

I am honored to be invited to the Mobile Money Executive Seminar in Kabul, Afghanistan and thank you to USAID for organizing such an important event.

Today there are 6.4 billion wireless connections in the world reaching 85% of the total population of 7 billion people. 2.27 billion people have access to the internet, and this is increasing rapidly with the proliferation of smart phones in the developing world. I expect within 5 years, 80% of the world’s population will have internet access – primarily through smart mobile connections.

Technology has never reached or impacted as many people as it does today. Over 900 million monthly active users on Facebook at the end of March 2012. There are 340 million tweets per day. 6.1 trillion SMS text messages a year. And this is changing everything – the way we interact, shop, learn, bank, heal, stay healthy…

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