Government Applications of Mobile Money – Keynote Speech at the Mobile Money Executive Seminar in Kabul – Part II

Good examples from the Philippines and elsewhere about useful government applications for mobile money.

Carol L. Realini

What are the Government Applications of mobile money?

(picture from Jan Chipchase Aug 2010 trip to Afghanistan)

With mobile money being established in countries across the globe. This also creates an environment where there is an opportunity to change how government payments are done. This opportunity is multi-dimensional including Government to Person payments – for example government salaries, social payments, Person to Government like Utility payments, tax collection. As well as Government to Business and Business to Government.


When we look at payments between people and the government they are normally characterized by a very large number of transactions of relatively small value.


This is a perfect fit for Mobile money. In addition – government use of mobile money will also add to the overall success of the Mobile money ecosystem through creating key use cases, and lower cost of funds into the mobile accounts.


Mobile Money…

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