Thoughts on my trip to Afghanistan

More good observations and thoughts from Carol Realini about mobile money opportunities in Afghanistan.

Carol L. Realini

Some things you just say yes to. I have been struggling the last year and 3 months to get my life back to normal after a serious bicycle accident. It was a tougher recovery – it took more of a physical and mental toll on me than I had expected.

Recently I have started to think about what I will do next, and while I was going through that process I get a request from USAID to go to Afghanistan. At first I was taken back – thinking I had no intention of going to a war zone. But the opportunity grew on me. All the key players would be at the meeting – government, mobile operators, banks, regulators. And the topic was compelling – how to make mobile money work in Afghanistan including move the government payments to electronic.

Afghanistan is one of the most unbanked places in…

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