Three Key Factors for Promoting Mobile Money to Customers (Digicel Mobile Money Website)

There are three key factors that all mobile money providers must meet to effectively promote mobile money services to customers.  These include demonstrating the value proposition for the customer, access and location of the agent network, customer education.

Digicel Mobile Money’s website provides a good example of addressing these three important factors.

Value Proposition for the Customer

For island economies like Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa, receiving money both domestically and internationally are clear transaction drivers to support mobile money.  The site clearly demonstrates how Digicel Mobile Money Transfer adds value to this important driver by clearly documenting that they offer lower fees for money transfer services, faster service, and more convenient access locations.

Agent Network

You definitely cannot offer mobile money services without a substantial and easy-to-find agent network.  The site does allow users to see a list of local agents but it could be improved by providing phone numbers and addresses or the use of google maps to better locate where agents can be found.

Customer Education 

The Digicel Mobile Money “How does it work?” video clearly illuminates and explains how the service works.

The ad campaign also makes use of characters and situations that many in the target market can relate to.

Kuddos to the Digicel Mobile Money team.  Their progress will be interesting to track over time.

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