6th Annual Mobile Financial Services Asia Pacific Summit 2012

I am fortunate to be opening this year’s 6th Annual Mobile Financial Services Asia Pacific Summit which will be held in Manila next week.  During the conference, I will keep you informed of any new developments and interesting presentations via twitter and this blog.

Below is an excerpt from the summit announcement.

Event Overview

The last five years have seen a dramatic increase in the use of the mobile device for financial transactions, revolutionizing the way people receive financial services across the globe. Offering Mobile Financial Services (MFS) is now becoming a key long-term strategy for banks, financial institutions, mobile network operators (MNOs) and retailers worldwide.

Analysts estimate mobile commerce will reach €500 billion by 2014 from a combination of in-store payments, remote payments, domestic person-to-person transfers and international remittance.

The Mobile Financial Services Asia Pacific Summit 2012 to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Manila from September 10-13, 2012 and will focus on bringing MFS to the market.

What’s New at the Mobile Financial Services Summit for 2012?

This year’s Mobile Financial Services Asia Pacific Summit will answer some of the most important questions in the industry right now:

Overcoming the Trust Barrier to Deploy Services for Mass Adoption

How can banks, financial institutions and MNOs guarantee the highest levels of security to enable mass adoption and successful launch differentiating Mobile Financial Services?

How can they create a personalized and branded customer experience that responds to who the customers are and what they need?

How can banks deliver compelling value to customers now that they can be on-hand, literally, 24/7?

How can Mobile Financial Service Providers serve all customers regardless of their handset make without compromising on the user experience?

Overcoming Technology Challenges

Which technology will allow mass-market reach while providing the best in terms of security and user experience?

Which platform can simplify the creation of the Mobile Money ecosystem of agents, merchants, banks and operators?

How can service providers differentiate their brands by offering new innovative and secure services to their customers?

Preparing for the Future of Mobile Financial Services

How can service providers choose a solution that will remain relevant and robust in 3-5 years’ time?

How can banks meet the challenges of the mobile world?

Key Topics and Presentations will Include

 What is the Mobile Financial Services of the future? How do banks and technology providers view this opportunity?

Usability of mobile financial services – Focus on customer adoption and getting customers to use commercially available services

Enhancing quality of experience – MMT, MP, MB

How do you make the payment process simpler for your customers?

Security in MFS space – How do you get your customers to trust you?

Will the road to cashless society be on the horizon? – Case study Sweden’s efforts on going cashless as a society

The next generation microfinance – what opportunities do we look at?

Web and online players getting into mobile targeting m-Payments as the next big thing – Amazon, Google, Apple

Understanding the best distribution strategy for your services

How to encourage active mobile transactions through the value added services that work to increase loyalty and drive revenues

Expanding mobile money services to the corporate world

Devices and MFS

Leveraging existing mobile network and banking infrastructures to offer cost efficient and convenient mobile money services

How to achieve scale through mobile payments rather than through MMT

Interoperability of Mobile Financial Services

The role MFS plays in Nation Building – Corporate Social Responsibility

Source: http://www.mobilefinancialsummit.com/about-the-conference.php

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