The Better Than Cash Initiative: Experiences Using Mobile Money in the Field

By John Owens

During the upcoming Connected World Forum, I have the honor of sharing the platform with two other colleagues from Chemonics International: Anthony Petalcorin and Anthony Latta. Both have been working in the field to implement and make use of mobile money under Chemonics International’s Better Than Cash initiative. As mentioned earlier, Chemonics was one of the early companies to immediately realize the benefits of shifting from cash and check payments to electronic and mobile money payments as USAID launched its Better Than Cash Initiative and the recently launched multi-partner Better Than Cash Alliance.

The new broad-based Better Than Cash Alliance provides tremendous opportunities for mobile money implementors, donors, governments, businesses, consulting firms, and NGOs to come together to develop win-win partnerships. These partnerships can help to reduce costs, increase financial inclusion, improve transparency of payments, increase efficiency and, ultimately, spur mobile money ecosystems.

During our panel discussion on Wednesday November 21 and the one and half hour workshop on Thursday November 22, the three of us will share what we have learned about developing partnerships between donors/governments/banks/MFIs/businesses and mobile money providers from three different countries: the Philippines, Kenya, and Afghanistan. Our discussion and presentations will also share tips for mobile money providers, donors, governments, and businesses looking to partner under the Better Than Cash Alliance.

We will be writing a bit this week about our thoughts on these topics on this blog but we would also like to hear from others about their own thoughts and what they would most like to learn about during our panel discussion and workshop. So let us know what you are interested in hearing about and we look forward to seeing everyone in Dubai next week.


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