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Photo of the Week

Last week Friday, I spent the day visiting mobile banking agents of Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL) in various parts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. As I mentioned in my predictions for 2013, Bangladesh is definitely moving forward rapidly in offering mobile banking services via a massive agent network that was achieved in less than two years. DBBL was the first bank to offer mobile banking and now boasts an agent network of over 22,000 agents. The agent in the photo above was processing an average of 10 mobile banking transactions a day on behalf of DBBL that ranged from 500 to 50,000 Taka ($6 – $600). He was also assisting clients who wanted to open up a mobile bank account by assisting clients to fill out a bank application as well as collect copies of their IDs. One of the reasons that he mentioned that he does not do as many cash-out transactions is that clients also have the option of using DBBL’s large ATM network where they can avail of card-less ATM withdrawals using only their mobile phone to enable transactions. With the impressive growth of their agent network and smart targeting of companies to offer mobile money enabled payroll services, DBBL is poised to grow rapidly in 2013.

Photo Credit: John Owens, Chemonics International

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